FBSJ is Celebrating National Salsa Month…Are You?!

If there’s any particular condiment that the folks at the Food Bank of South Jersey (FBSJ) talk about more than anything else it’s gotta be salsa! Why? Well, we’ve got good reason…

In 2012, FBSJ’s team of executives were touring a local peach farm and saw nearly one million pounds of imperfect peaches scheduled to be thrown away. Always on the lookout for resourceful ways to feed the 200,000 food insecure individuals residing in South Jersey today, they decided to take these blemished peaches and use them in their core, Feed More, program. After all, these slightly blemished peaches were no less delicious or nutritious than their retail-ready counterparts!

After a few months, the team was inundated with more peaches than they could handle and searching for ways to use the fruit instead of throwing it away. A tasty idea came to fruition thanks to an innovative collaboration with their neighbors at Campbell’s in the form of Just Peachy Salsa. A shelf-stable product that packs a triple bottom line punch, Just Peachy Salsa reduces food waste, relieves farmers of hefty spoilage fees, and offers a nutrient-dense, consumer-ready product that has grossed over $350,000 in revenue for FBSJ’s summer meals program!

Sold in over 115 retailers across South Jersey, Just Peachy Salsa is the perfect complement to any summer party and boasts the ability to add flavor and flare to any favorite recipe! Try your hand at a few of our favorite recipes cooked up by our Healthy Living Initiative team below, and grab a jar in your local grocery store, at your favorite farmer’s market, or online! You can also check out some tasty recipes provided by our friends at Campbell’s here: Campbell’s Kitchen Collections