Now is the Time

Meet Shannon Heinz.

She’s a South Jersey native and business entrepreneur currently working as a Commercial Insurance Risk Manager with Nottingham Insurance, and always brimming with her next big idea. She’s also one of the Food Bank of South Jersey’s (FBSJ) newest members of the 2017 Young Philanthropist Network (YPN). Learn more about why she decided to join YPN and how her involvement is impacting both the community and her own well-being.

I’ve always wanted to get involved in a non-profit, volunteer and give back to our community. But I wasn’t sure which organization or what cause to get involved in.  More time went by. But this past Spring, I had the pleasure of meeting Lauren Hann at a Young Professionals South Jersey Chamber Event, which I attended as a guest. She informed me about the Young Philanthropist Network through the Food Bank of South Jersey and told me they were looking to start their 2nd year. I jumped at the opportunity to join YPN and of course, I was so excited…I couldn’t wait to begin. She connected me with ways to volunteer and I asked for my fundraising page to be created the next week. Now was the time!

My experience so far with FBSJ has been nothing but inspiring and motivating. The positive energy that pumps through the organization is contagious. It all starts with the people, the employees, management, volunteers, ambassadors, and executives. Everyone is committed to eradicating food insecurity for those in need.  The numbers are staggering and now is the time to get involved!

During my first time volunteering, I noticed I was able to relax and not think about life’s stresses but focus on something way more important than what was pressing on me, someone else in need. Interacting with other volunteers, working together as a team, and accomplishing the task required was fulfilling. It may seem silly but I felt a peace of mind and calming effect.

I’m an example that it’s never too late to get involved. No amount of time or money is too small. Each dollar counts and each volunteer hour counts. I know that more involvement, creates more awareness to others and it begins a snowball effect. Food is a basic necessity to live and is something everyone deserves. To think that food would be your biggest worry really puts life into perspective.

I feel very fortunate to be involved in such an amazing organization, even on this small scale. I hope I can help educate our community about the needs of others and the importance of giving back.  I’ve already started to see a positive change in many ways, just by getting involved.   Volunteering is fulfilling in more ways than you can imagine.

To get involved, visit the How To Help page where you can find out more about becoming a Summer Meals site sponsor, volunteering, hosting a food drive, or even nominating yourself or someone else for the YPN program.  You will be delighted in more ways than expected.


“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” – Winston S. Churchill


To make a donation to Shannon’s fundraising campaign, visit her page at: