Cooking Up a Fun Company Fundraiser

It’s always exciting when our team sees a new donation come through our system and especially when we get to see the stories behind the charitable giving! Recently, our team came across a $1,000 donation from Eagle Wealth Strategies, a financial planning firm in West Deptford, who attributed their gift to an inventive fundraiser:

“Our company, Eagle Wealth Strategies of West Deptford, had clients and associates submit recipes for a cookbook we created,” said Dana Rohach, their Client Communications and Marketing Associate. “We promised a five dollar donation for each recipe received. We got 100!”

The simple yet fun fundraiser garnered an immediate response from their client base who were excited to learn about the firm’s philanthropic initiative. The idea came from a partner firm who had already executed a similar project but without the charitable aspect. The firm’s leader, however, wanted to use it as a means to give back.

“Each of our employees have invested interest in specific charities, so we wanted to find something different that could benefit our local community, and food is about as basic as it gets,” stated President and Lead Financial Planner, Paul Tully.

The team utilized email blasts to notify their clientele about what they were up to, collecting recipes accompanied with short stories about their favorite meals. Even for those clients who didn’t have a recipe to share, they were excited to contribute to the initiative.

The team are now working on creating the physical cookbooks to send out and are excited for ways to continue to engage their clients while giving back to the community. “It’s an easy and fun thing to do,” said Tully, ” Hopefully it’s something that we can continue to expand on and inspire other companies to take part in!”

If you or your company have an interesting fundraising idea to share let us know! We love to share the innovative measures that our partners create to help those in need living in South Jersey!