Providing Help for Puerto Rico

As we watch the disastrous effects of a record-breaking hurricane season unfold in the wake of Hurricane Maria (and Hurricane Irma) in Puerto Rico, the Food Bank of South Jersey team are committed now more than ever to support disaster-relief agencies with the emergency assistance they need as a part of a coordinated effort.

With family members, friends, and colleagues affected by the devastation in PR, the team at FBSJ is deeply concerned for the health and well-being of all of those affected by these storms. As a member of the Feeding America network of national food banks, FBSJ works diligently with its local and national partners to ensure natural disasters such as these are being responded to in the most effective and efficient way possible.


Photo Credit: Carlos Giusti / AP


How Can You Help?

Bottom line: a financial contribution to a trusted disaster-relief organization is the most helpful method for supporting victims as this ensures that a sustained flow of needed resources are readily available to those who need it most. Feeding America reports that they are in communication with Banco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico and are actively supporting relief efforts as those people on the frontlines continue their life-saving work for the people still in harm’s way in the hurricane’s aftermath.

You can help by making a donation to Banco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico or Feeding America so that they may continue to provide critical support of providing food and water to our neighbors in need. Without these basic necessities, people cannot function let alone begin to rebuild their homes.