Your Partner in Public Health

Many hospitals and health systems work with the Food Bank of South Jersey on a variety of public health and community improvement programs. Here are all the ways we collaborate with hospitals in South Jersey.

Nutrition Education: Our Healthy Living Initiative meets underserved populations where they live and work. As they receive food benefits, we provide education to ensure they are living healthier lives as a result of hands-on, practical, culturally sensitive, and fun training that utilizes the foods they will receive at one of our food distribution events.

Therapeutic Food Distribution: Hospitals have direct access to patients both who visit and who are in their homes after a procedure. During their visit or in follow up care, there are opportunities for the hospital to assess the food insecurity of patients in need and provide diet-sensitive foods to maintain health and ensure proper nutrition.

Health Care Screenings/Flu Shots: When large numbers of underserved children, seniors, and families congregate at our food distribution events, it presents a unique and high impact opportunity to reach this population with live-giving services and screenings. In the past, we have reached dozens of people in need with flu shots and health screenings.

Food/Fund Drives/Volunteering: When you harness the power of hospital and health system staff to make a difference, the caring individuals hard at work dig deeper to provide even more substantial support for the community. These represent great opportunities for team building and feeling good about giving back to the communities we both serve.

Hands-On Cooking Demonstrations: This is not your traditional class where we only show pictures and graphs. Participants get involved in cooking with the foods that they are familiar with—and some that may be new to them because that is what is available from a major charitable food donation.

Participation in Competitions and Sponsorship: Hospitals and Health Systems have contributed to the sponsorship of many impactful fundraising events for our organization. We also host a competition where organizations compete in a timed cooking race to create healthy and fabulous meals against other organizations for the grand prize.

Summer Meals: This program feeds thousands of children over the summer. Teams from hospitals and health systems have been integral to the success of the program by providing kitchen space to prepare meals or volunteering to make meals for distribution.

Disease Management: Many of our programs focus on providing practical tips for disease management through diet and nutrition to populations often under served and in need of these special insights.

Thank you to all of our partners!