BLOG – Summer Solstice: A Time of Growth and Renewal

Greetings and Happy Summer!

I believe we can agree it is unbelievable summer is upon us already! I hope this finds you in good health and happy spirits for this wonderful time of year!

“Summer Solstice is a time to reflect on your personal growth and the meaning of the season. Seeds are planted in the Earth as well as the seeds of our souls. It’s a time of cleansing and renewal, a time of Love and growth.” -Author Unknown

This quote brings a sense of encouragement to me for all the Food Bank of South Jersey is doing to help our communities grow. We are literally planting seeds of hope each day; but, the summer digs a little deeper into cultivating the well-being of South Jersey’s children – ensuring their hearts, minds and tummies are properly nourished. With the support of many volunteers, a handful of VISTA staff, and the leadership of the Programs and Services team, the Food Bank of South Jersey’s Summer Meals program will serve more than 350,000 meals to 120-plus neighboring communities this summer.

“The word “Solstice” is derived from the Latin words Sol+systere, meaning “Sun”+ “standing still.”

The Summer Meals program will serve 30 percent more meals than last year. As great as that is, we still have much work to do … no time to stand still! These food-insecure children receive free and reduced meals during the school year and are relying on the Food Bank of South Jersey for a healthy and nutritious daily meal along with a ray of sunshine love!

The more we can do together in planting seeds of nutritious hope for our food-insecure children, the stronger they and their families become, thus leading to more prosperous and stronger communities.

Let me know if you would like more information on how we can be more and better together in helping our Summer Meals Program.

Thank you and have a safe and enjoyable summer!

Fred C. Wasiak
  President & CEO