Celebrating 35 Years: Stronger Than Ever, The Food Bank of South Jersey Turns 35

Celebrating 35 years of feeding South Jersey’s most food-vulnerable children, individuals, families and seniors, the Food Bank of South Jersey hits a major milestone – stronger than ever in service to South Jersey.

What does it take to change a community, to uplift and help a community? First, it takes purpose – a willingness to recognize things could be better, things should be better. Next, it takes the resolve to take steps to make things better.

June 24, 1985

In the City of Camden, on June 24, 1985 that resolve to make things better was found in the hearts of a small group of volunteers, dedicated to feeding their food-insecure neighbors. These people, this tiny team of hunger-relief heroes, formed what today is the largest hunger-relief organization serving Burlington, Camden, Gloucester and Salem counties.

The Food Bank of South Jersey

The Food Bank of South Jersey’s humble beginnings in Camden is a reinforcement of what happens when ordinary citizens, driven by compassion and conviction, accomplish extraordinary feats. Founded in 1985 by 13 individuals with the belief that no one should go hungry, the Food Bank of South Jersey’s mission was a simple grassroots vision. Help others. Feed others. Provide hope, sustenance and wellness to those in need. Be there for South Jersey.

The Food Bank of South Jersey exists to provide an immediate solution to the urgent problem of hunger by providing food to people in need, teaching them to eat nutritiously, and helping them to find sustainable ways to improve their lives. Now a member of the Feeding America network of national food banks, the Food Bank of South Jersey has distributed more than 150 million pounds of food since its early days.

For more than 35 years, the Food Bank of South Jersey has responded to the needs of individuals struggling with food insecurity in the Garden State. In times of uncertainty, the Food Bank has never wavered from its early mission … to end the hunger in South Jersey. As the Food Bank of South Jersey reaches its milestone 35th year of standing strong for South Jersey, the mission of the original volunteers remains the spirit of the organization.

To serve South Jersey. To support South Jersey. To feed South Jersey.

Marking its 35th year in 2020, the Food Bank of South Jersey (FBSJ) is the leader in providing safe and nutritional food to people in need throughout South Jersey. FBSJ distributes food, provides nutrition education and cooking courses, and helps food-insecure families and seniors find sustainable ways to improve their lives.