About Hunger in South Jersey

Currently, in Camden County alone, there are 17,200 food-insecure children, 24% of whom are currently ineligible for federal nutrition programs, and 76% of whom are currently income-eligible for nutrition programs – at least, as of today. Overall in Camden County alone, the total food-insecure population is over 60,000.

Food insecure populations in Burlington, Gloucester and Salem counties are equally sobering. Burlington County currently has 41,680 food-insecure residents, of which 10,960 are food-insecure children. Gloucester County holds 8,180 food-insecure children in a total food-insecure population of 26,860 individuals. Suffering the impact of rural hunger, the less populated farmlands of Salem County shows 8,080 food-insecure individuals, of which 2,550 are children – all of which may live more than 10 miles from the nearest grocery store.

Isabel's story


Isabel Garcia pulled into the parking lot of the Food Bank of South Jersey with her two young daughters in her car, the worry of her father's healthy on her mind - and the strength to find a solution. Read Isabel's full story.

residents in Burlington County are food-insecure
residents in Camden County are food-insecure
residents in Gloucester County are food-insecure
residents in Salem County are food-insecure

To learn more about food insecurity, view the interactive Map the Meal Gap from Feeding America. To see how we’re making a difference in South Jersey, view our county fact sheets below.