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As the Food Bank of South Jersey turns 35, we are seeking innovative opportunities to grow while addressing future challenges.

As we journey together into this new decade, I can share with absolute resolve and enthusiasm that the Food Bank of South Jersey is in every way a stronger than ever organization, with a galvanized vision of deepening, strengthening and expanding our role as South Jersey’s leading hunger relief organization.

In 2020, we commit to build capacity to reduce the hunger gap in the four counties we devotedly serve, optimize and modernize our current resources, further deepen and expand our relationships with outstanding stakeholders, donors and community partners, and seek innovative opportunities to grow, and identify future challenges.

Make no mistake, the Food Bank of South Jersey is actively building upon our core competencies while paving the way for innovation and sustainability. We hold the utmost respect and gratitude to those who keep us inspired and motivated in the fight against hunger right here in South Jersey, and we wish to reaffirm our deep commitment to serving South Jersey in 2020 and beyond.

While I wish I could share with you that no person – no child – will experience hunger in Burlington, Camden, Gloucester and Salem counties during 2020, I cannot. There is much work to do to eradicate food insecurity in our community, but with the support, wisdom, care and generosity of people like you, we can work to build more and better pathways to a South Jersey community that is truly and wholly nourished.

I am humbled, grateful and hopeful you will, once again, help us improve and nourish the lives of South Jersey’s food-insecure communities as we take our greatest steps ever into our 35th year of providing food, nutrition and sustainability to individuals, children, families and seniors throughout South Jersey who greatly rely upon our services, resources and programs.

Yours in service,

Fred C. Wasiak
President & CEO


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