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Our Story


The Food Bank of South Jersey exists to provide an immediate solution to the urgent problem of hunger by providing food to people in need, teaching them to eat nutritiously, and helping them to find sustainable ways to improve their lives.

Where We Began

Our humble beginnings in Camden, NJ, is a reinforcement of what happens when ordinary citizens, driven by compassion and conviction, accomplish extraordinary feats. The Food Bank of South Jersey was founded in 1985 by 13 individuals who believed that no one should go hungry. This simple grassroots vision from one South Jersey city has stood the test of time, allowing the Food Bank to become a trusted beacon of hope — feeding millions of food-insecure neighbors and renewing their faith in the kindness of humanity.

We remain the urgent solution these residents turn to when they are hungry and can’t afford to buy food. Through innovation and smart hunger-relief programming, the Food Bank has distributed more than 150 million pounds of food; served more than 1 million fresh, nutritious meals to vulnerable children; and provided tens of thousands of food boxes filled with healthy groceries to seniors.

Where We’re Going

Welcome to our table – there is a place for everyone.

There is room for all at our table. By honoring the voices in our community, we are committed to learn how we can evolve and enhance our mission to improve the lives of those we serve.

There is no room for racial or social injustice at our table. We will work vigorously to address the root causes of hunger that prevent so many from fully thriving. We will lead by example and use our collective voice as an impetus for positive change. We will create a culture that encourages creative solutions and where everyone can bring their unique selves and diverse talents to our table. We will serve South Jersey with humility and tenacity to learn, grow, and do better.

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