Health and Wellness

Beyond providing emergency food resources to those in need, ensuring that our neighbors in South Jersey have the tools they need to lead sustainably healthy lives is essential to our mission. Our Health and Wellness program encompasses three key components to carry out this mission:

Eating Well. Moving Well. Feeling Well.

Eating Well. Through a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on cooking, the Health & Wellness program shares the value of nutrition awareness and empowers participants across South Jersey communities to adopt healthy eating behaviors.

Moving Well. By implementing evidence-based programs proven to promote overall health, the Health & Wellness program incorporates physical activity programs that have the power to make a difference the lives of people who need help.

Feeling Well. Providing support that impacts the emotional well-being of the people we serve, this series is fundamental to maintaining healthy behaviors with lasting effects.  

To find out how to get involved in our Health & Wellness program call 856-662-4884.

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