Sustainability at the Food Bank of South Jersey

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Beyond providing emergency food resources to those in need and teaching our neighbors in South Jersey to eat nutritiously through our Health and Wellness initiatives, the third pillar of our mission is to help find sustainable ways to improve lives. 

Equity Statement

Our 37-year history providing food and promoting healthy eating in South Jersey has taught us that the challenge of hunger is often rooted in a system of racial, gendered, and financial inequity. These issues are embedded in the barriers often raised by systemic racism. We have an affirmative and continued responsibility to create and support equitable outcomes for those we serve. We know this focus on social justice is a transformation from where we have come as a charitable organization. Our goal is to take action and make impactful contributions through:

Our programs – we will build connections to workforce development opportunities, educational resources and financial inclusion within our local community by embracing a community-led vision that will be based on mutual respect.

Our public positions – we will build and/or strengthen partnerships with our community partners so that we can work authentically to dismantle social injustice within our sphere of influence and advocate for equity in areas outside of food insecurity as well.

Our people – we will work to ensure that our practices also promote equity and inclusion within the organization, specifically in our recruiting, hiring, and promoting staff at FBSJ.

Our goal is to ensure that everyone feels heard, respected, and valued as we recognize that privilege, unconscious bias, and racial, ethnic, and financial injustice affects our team members and those within the communities we serve.

Sustainability Initiatives:

SNAP Outreach

Camden Food Security Collective

Sustainability Fund

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