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GLOUCESTER CITY, N.J. (CBS) — Hunger Action Month starts September 1. Earlier this month, we saw a real drive to help in Gloucester City, where hope came to the Crescent Mobile Home Park.

“Thank you very much, everybody here,” said Joseph Negri. “God bless ’em.”

The Food Bank of South Jersey calls it the Hope Mobile.

Val Traore, president and CEO of the Food Bank of South Jersey, explained, “We run farmer’s market-style pantries throughout South Jersey where there are no food pantries or shelters.” The tables are full of eggs, fruit, chicken, pasta, and more.

The whole neighborhood dives in to help. Diana Colon is not only property manager of the mobile home park, she organizes the distribution so food will move efficiently.

“They don’t have to make that choice between buying food or paying the electric bill or paying the rent,” Diana said.

Down the street, Elaine Dean is volunteering too, handing out lunch to children who otherwise might miss a meal. She herself knows what that’s like.

“There was times that I was in such need for food, and I came to the food bank,” Elaine said.

The volunteers are priceless, but they always need help. So during Hunger Action Month in September, they’re getting the word out. Val says food donations are appreciated, and money helps too.

“Reason for that is because I may have a company in Oklahoma that says, ‘I have a tractor-trailer load of oatmeal for you. If you pay the freight to bring it in, you can have it at no cost,’” Val said.

It proves a dollar can stretch all the way across the country.

To find out more about Hunger Action Month in South Jersey, go here.

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