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Our pantry partners are on the forefront of serving South Jersey. Over the past few years, we have added to our board of trustees four pantry leaders who see the challenges facing our neighbors and what’s needed for fighting hunger week after week.

“It’s funny, because when I was asked [to be on the board], I was stepping out of my comfort zone. But it’s important. Food insecurity is a critical issue in our communities,” says Carol Strock, Director of the food pantry at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in West Deptford. “And I am very grateful. I’ve learned everybody on the board truly cares about what’s going on and helping with food insecurity. I am very impressed with that. A lot of people go above and beyond.”

Having pantry leaders, who are embedded in our shared neighborhoods, lend their voices to help direct and lead our organization is so powerful.

“Being a board member of the Food Bank of South Jersey has allowed me to be a part of the bigger picture, and while hunger may be global, the provision is universal,” says Darlene Trappier, Executive Director of Beacon of Hope Food Pantry in Mt. Holly. “We always strive to shoot for the stars, but if we just hit the moon, we are still on track.”

FBSJ is also regularly in conversation with our network of 200+ pantries as we look for new ways to support these vital partners in the fight against hunger. Most recently, we’ve been in conversations with leaders over the recent changes to SNAP allotments and how this is affecting our neighbors.

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