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“I am a part of a program that cares about my future.”

Tomorrow’s leaders are working to institute change today. The Camden Youth Advisory Council is a group of 16 middle
and high school students who are eager to make their community a healthier place.

Twice a month, students meet with members of FBSJ’s Health and Wellness team to develop and implement initiatives that improve the wellbeing of the residents of Camden. Past projects have included improving school food, increasing access to clean drinking water, and organizing a day of play for community members.

CYAC also acts as an advisory board for the Campbell’s School Food Collective called Full Futures, which fosters a school nutrition environment that ensures all students are well-nourished and ready to thrive.

“I want the kids to have the opportunity to experience as much as they can while they are young, so that they can get their minds going and planning for the future,” said Envy Young, Youth Program Associate at FBSJ. “They will be able to take the information they are gaining now and apply it as adults.”

Recently, the students talked about what it meant for them to “be able to make decisions and actually being heard by adults and school leaders,” and “being able to say I am a part of a program that cares about my future.”

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