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– While people are planning summer vacations and fun in the sun tens of millions of children will be lucky just to have one meal a day now that school’s out. The people at the Food Bank of South Jersey are celebrating they have more support, more volunteers and more food to offer.

They rolled off the buses at Camden’s Wiggins Park in their usual orderly fashion and then they stepped right into an all-out party. Even the grown-ups “turned up” with the Eagles swoop.

Yes, school’s out for summer fun but this celebration really has to do with what so many kids may not have  a decent meal.

“Unfortunately, We’re seeing more kids. Last year, we fed about 3,700 children. This year we’re tracking to about 8,000 children.”

The Food Bank of South Jersey plans to feed an estimated 5,000 children this summer. They’ll have 168 sites from Camden to Salem Counties thanks to more corporate and private partners and about 100 volunteers packing and prepping meals every day.

The food bank is hoping more people may come forward will just a little more support.

For more information, if you wish to donate or volunteer, please click here.

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