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Our Health and Wellness department is currently seeking new partners for our Healthy Pantry Initiative (HPI). HPI helps food pantries to increase the availability, promotion, and distribution of nutritious foods and nudge neighbors toward making
healthier choices.

Food Bank staff works in partnership with pantries to encourage the availability of healthier options and to make the healthier choices the easier choices for neighbors visiting the pantries. By providing healthy food choice options, tents, shelving units, and more, HPI helps to create a healthy food environment in the pantry environment. Plus, each pantry site gets six live presentations, including cooking demonstrations and nutrition education.

“FBSJ has been working with SNAP-Ed’s HPI grant since 2019, and we have improved more than 150 pantries,” says Marquita Speed, Senior Manager of Health and Wellness. “Every year, the HPI team aims to improve the program by adding new delicious recipes using common pantry items, improving incentives and visual aids, and responding to survey feedback.”


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