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Increasing H.O.P.E. Through Our Partners


This past summer, the Healthy Outcomes and Pantry Empowerment (H.O.P.E.) Coalition was launched by our team to demonstrate to our partner agencies how simple it can be to incorporate food choices into all pantry models.

H.O.P.E. offers simple nutrition education, provides recipe samples that incorporate commonly distributed pantry food, and shares useful resources with our community of pantry partners.

“We love these meetings, and it really helps us a lot to brainstorm, to get over any type of challenges, and to see what help there is out there,” said Jenny from The WOW Center in Merchantville. “We didn’t even know most of this exists, with extra volunteers, vehicles, or grants. Attending is very, very beneficial for our Center and for our pantry.”

At the October gathering, the team held a simulation of a drive-thru pantry model with various choice options and a full-choice pantry model.

“Being able to come here and be encouraged, almost empowered I would say, to take up the challenge of how do we serve our neighbors better,” echoed India, also from The WOW Center. “We left the first time on fire. Like, we got this.”


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