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NEW JERSEY WTXF With the school year over, Hundreds of thousands of children in our area will no longer receive their free meals through school. Many of them live in South Jersey.

FOX 29’s Bill Anderson tells us how you can help so no one goes hungry during summer vacation. The end of school is a time that many families and particularly young people celebrate the beginning of summer fun.  But to others, unfortunately the end of school means a struggle to make sure their children have enough to eat.

Local organizations like The Food Bank of South Jersey serve literally hundreds of thousands of meals annually but today as FOX 29 toured their facility they told us that the need for help is as high as it has ever been.

Local food banks told FOX 29 that many of the 300,000 local families that qualify for free lunches likely need additional help when the lunches stop. It’s a problem that impacts far more people than most of us could even imagine.

Their programs range from fresh dairy and produce donations to the free lunches they provide to local camps and daycare centers but in order to keep the programs going they’ve asked all of us to consider that while some are celebrating summer, others need help surviving it.

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