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Neighbor Stories

To end hunger, we must hear from those with lived experiences. That is why we break bread with our neighbors once a month and listen to their stories. These intimate opportunities to come together with those we serve have provided rich, eye-opening insights. And we have only just begun.

Below are a few stories of impact from our neighbors, including videos where our neighbors graciously shared their stories in their own words.

From Our SNAP Team:

Barriers such as not having a permanent address, unreliable or limited access to the internet, and an immediate need for food and financial assistance is unfortunately all too common in South Jersey. However, thanks to support from generous donors, the Food Bank of South Jersey and its team of SNAP Navigators can help neighbors in our region get the food assistance they need.

Take, for example, Betty – a single woman living in Camden County who is currently experiencing homelessness. Though she has a smart phone, Betty can’t always afford to keep it active. She is unable to work and applied for disability, which is pending review and approval.

While frequenting a local food pantry, Betty saw that the Food Bank of South Jersey assists people with applying to SNAP. Betty reached out to FBSJ and our team spoke with her about her current situation. From that simple interaction, a skilled SNAP Coordinator set up a time to meet with Betty at her local library and was able to walk her through the application, help her scan and upload the required documents, and explain that even though Betty doesn’t have a permanent address, she can use the local County Office of Social Services to pick up her SNAP benefits card.

With this aid, Betty was approved for SNAP benefits and can now stretch her food budget and buy nutritious foods. She is just one example of what can happen with a little help from the Food Bank and its partners.

From Our Health and Wellness Team:

“I am so honored to be a part of this special blessing! Being a single mom, I can’t afford to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables for my boys. This program has helped change not only my eating habits, but both of my boys. This program has allowed my four-year-old to taste fruits and vegetables he never tasted before.

I have been able to successfully lose 55 pounds by implementing some of the recipes that were given and coming up with my very own. My physicians are excited. I have been able to be taken off of two medications. My energy level and passion to cook have increased.

I pray this program continues to bless those in need. This program came into my life at the exact time. I needed help and help came knocking at my door.”

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