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Our People – Your Impact


So much goes into an operation that moved 17.9 million pounds of food last year. One that also provided more than 860,000 meals to kids who were not receiving meals in schools when they went remote.

It takes technology, warehouse equipment, a transportation fleet, purchasing operations. But first and foremost – it takes people. A passionate staff. Dedicated donors and supporters. And committed volunteers.

What drives that volunteer who shows up every day in the middle of a COVID outbreak to pack food to distribute to other seniors? That Pastor whose food pantry goes above and beyond to serve all the needs of her congregation? Or that donor whose business had success during the challenge of the pandemic and the first thing he thought of was how to help others?

Everyone has a unique story from where they have come. That background, and the many influences someone faces over time, often come together to develop our true purpose. At the Food Bank of South Jersey, we will always put our purpose first. For the year ahead, we will continue our focus on how we work with our neighbors and help to advance their interests. We are committed to advancing equitable outcomes for everyone we serve. And we will recognize that our organization’s purpose must be authorized by the power and voice of those impacted by our work.

We are always Better Together. And our impact will always be measured not just in numbers, but by the people we touch and the people who work side by side with us to serve South Jersey.

Yours in fighting for food equity,

  Fred C. Wasiak
  President & CEO

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