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Pastor Darlene Trappier

A Promise Kept: When she was very young, she hid herself in books. Mainly to hide from the abusive house she grew up in. “But as I got older,” Pastor Darlene Trappier said, “reality starts to set in and you can’t always hide away in a book.” At 19 she left home with her son, $10, a diaper bag and a suitcase. “I would cry and say to God how did I end up here. If you help me to get out of this situation, I will do what I can to help others.”

A few years later, working in the city at a corporate job, she stopped and talked to a homeless man that she passed on many days. “I told him I see you.” She got his backstory and got him lunch. “That was the beginning of me keeping my promise.”

Today her promise is in running the Beacon of Hope Food Pantry in Mt. Holly. The pantry provides food to hundreds of people every month. They offer classes in parenting, finances and other topics. Soon she will be moving the pantry to a bigger space. To serve more and to deliver on more promises. Beacon of Hope Inc.

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