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Boxing Day! Honorees Malanna Hickman (left) and Brenda Gee celebrate with Glassboro ShopRite Store Director Mike Ross.

By Community Bulletin on March 13, 2017 at 10:14 AM

ShopRite of Glassboro has been recognized again as a top fundraising store for ShopRite Partners In Caring’s annual Cheerios contest.

During September’s Hunger Action Month, the store raised $27,025 to combat hunger in our community, the second-highest total of 250-plus participating ShopRite stores.

Malanna Hickmanand Brenda Gee, Glassboro ShopRite employees, point to their likeness on the Cheerios box.

To celebrate that success, two of our store’s ace Hunger Fighting Heroes — Brenda Gee and Malanna Hickman — are featured on this year’s special-edition Cheerios box, unveiled recently in fabulous fashion.

Scroll through ShopRite’s album to check out highlights from the ceremony and festivities.

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