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Viva South Jersey

Viva South Jersey 2022 will be a celebration of the strength and resilience of
our community to stand strong during a time of historic food insecurity

Thank you for your interest in our annual gala. We are excited to announce that our tickets are currently sold out. If you would like to support our South Jersey neighbors, please consider purchasing a digital program ad or making a donation.

Thank you to our amazing sponsors:

Thank you to our incomparable Gala Planning Committee members:
Pedro Figueroa
Howard Friedman
Suzanne Ghee, Chair
Kate S. Gillespie
Diana L. Haussling
Kristi M. Howell
Janis F. Sweeney
Keri Aub
Lavinia Awosanya
Laura Heim
Greg Loder
Audrey Muse
Terese Parisi
Kori Rife
Gerald Tieyah
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