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FullFillment. Celebration. Tradition.

It’s what comes to mind when I think of what food is, especially during the holidays.

Food brings fulfillment to a person’s whole spirit – everything from mind, body, and heart. Think about how you feel after a particularly satisfying meal. It’s a positive feeling for your entire self.

We celebrate through food. Preparing meals together with multiple generations bustling in the kitchen, then gathering around the table with family and friends.

Food itself during the holidays centers us around tradition. I hear it from my family if one of our time-honored dishes is not on the table. And there is the tradition of my daughter sneaking around me to grab the first bite of turkey with the crispy skin.

Over the next few weeks, the Food Bank of South Jersey will work around the clock to bring that power of food to our neighbors. And as I say, it’s not just the turkey we hope to provide – it’s a whole meal.

But we can’t be satisfied that we delivered a meal with all the fixings for Thanksgiving. We are working daily at the Food Bank of South Jersey to meet the needs of our neighbors each and every day.

Food is sustenance. It’s a source of strength. And this holiday, when increased food prices continue to challenge everyone, so many of our neighbors face the uncertainty of putting food on their table.

This holiday season, we ask that you join us in thinking about the power of food. What that means for you. And how all of us can help bring that meaning to someone else.

With thanksgiving,

Fred Wasiak, President & CEO







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