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Partner Spotlight: Pastor GEorgia Dennis

It was a very difficult decision. With a civil war raging in her home country of Liberia, there was devastation everywhere. Pastor Georgia Dennis had everything in Liberia, her family and she was going to school there. But she kept dreaming about coming to the United States. And then she received a nudge.

“My uncle was an international businessman and he traveled all over,” Pastor Georgia recalled. “He said to me your future is too bright. There is no way you can stay here.”

So, at the age of 20, she made the difficult decision to leave her parents and her family and come to the United States. While she was nervous, she also felt it was destiny, and she had great appreciation for how her parents raised her.

“We always have to look at the good that comes from a bad situation,” she said. Pastor Georgia is always finding the good.

Following a calling that she received, in 2000, she and her husband opened their church Love Ministries Outreach International. in Pennsauken. And soon after she opened a food pantry as part of the church. Pastor Georgia’s food pantry serves the community multiple days a week and each month thousands come for the food distribution at Love Ministries Outreach International. She knows this was something she was born to do.

“Just to know at the end of the day, when I lay down, knowing that somebody is glad that they are eating. They’re able to go home and I see that fear and uncertainty of food insecurity vanish.”



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